Autism Program Reviews

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Autism Program Reviews

“We are so happy that we found a place that Ian is happy and feels accepted. Best choice I could have made for him.

Mary Heskett

“I cannot not say enough about how much of a difference that this school has made in our lives. The passion & devotion to constantly continuing to find ways to better educate & understand Autistic children goes above & beyond any of my expectations! The experiences with public school were so frustrating & disappointing & I had low expectations of my son getting through school successfully. Haugland* has given me & my son complete peace of mind, along with high hopes for his future. I cannot say Thank You enough for changing our lives for the better!!! Thank you for your dedication to making Autism better understood & improving the lives of these special children!”

Tess Hook

“Michael loves Haugland*. He usually tells me his class is awesome or his day was awesome! He actually tells me the names of his fellow students. His sentences are getting a little bit longer and a little more complex! I saw him interacting with other students on the playground today. It nearly made me cry to see him wanting to interact with other students and the students accepting him and wanting to interact back with him. I loved seeing one of the teachers that was out there promote this interaction. Michael usually isolates himself. I thought he had given up on social interaction due to his speech difficulties and teasing he has endured on the playgrounds and at parks. I am breathing a contended sigh of relief. I am so thankful that Haugland* exists!”

Meredith Healy

“I am so blessed to have people like you [Dr.Devlin] and Carol and Sam and Dr. H in our lives. Thank God for you and for the work that you do on behalf of our kids.

Kelli Cobb

Brendan has progressed so much at Haugland*, it is amazing. For years, he was told he was the bad kid or disruptive kid. You have proven that he is smart and creative and worth teaching…[and] valued for who he is.”

Lisa Fry

His conversation capability and his kindness quotient have gone thru the roof. He can handle disappointments at home like everyone else does now and today he wanted me to look something up online and no joke he said ‘I appreciate you taking the time to do that’. WHAT??? It is amazing how a couple weeks (with all the snow days, teacher days, and holidays, it has only been a couple weeks) has totally built his confidence and made him the 10 year old we all knew he could be. I am so grateful and thankful for Haugland*!! Thank you for all you do. Every day.”

Cathy Hart

“What you guys do, you do so well. I can’t tell you how life-changing it was for us to find you when we did. You took us in when we were raw and hurt, and didn’t know where to go. It is incredibly difficult to watch your child struggle and be powerless to help them. One of your strengths is that your staff does not take things personally. I was so on edge with the previous school, and I always felt like he was judged. At HLC you state “this is a behavior; this is how we extinguish it.” It was never personal, and that is a real blessing to a family. We also liked the extra programs you offer. We did the Hiking Viking which was great. You celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. The Talent Show is a great example of that. When we were at the Talent Show, you could see that your staff genuinely care about the students and their accomplishments. The talent didn’t matter; you could be playing a sonata on the piano, or jumping rope to a rap song; each child’s contribution was celebrated equally. It comes from the top down in your organization; you truly care about each student.”

Kay Born

“…on a scale of 1-10, a “14”. It is hard for us to leave [family moving because of job transfer]. The progress Marcus made here has been phenomenal. I’m eternally grateful to Haugland*…we would return in a minute.”

Susan Cravener

He is a completely different child. He has come so far just this year while attending Haugland*. His social interaction and carrying on a conversation is remarkable. He is learning so much academically and I couldn’t be more proud of him. His out bursts and frustration levels have improved so much over the school year. He is just an unbelievable little boy and it is all due to the work of everyone at Haugland*. Thanks so much for everything you do!!!”

Mary Jones

*Please note that Empower was formerly known as Haugland Therapy Services