Autism Test

Does your child have Autism? Evaluation/testing by licensed psychologists. Now accepting new clients!

Autism Testing- Our professionals can test your child to determine if they qualify for a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Empower provides evaluations to determine an Autism diagnosis for children ages 16 months to four years old.

Psychological evaluation, testing and assessment refer to the group of tests and procedures used to evaluate intellectual, learning, emotional and/or behavioral functioning. We serve children, families, schools, and community agencies.

At Empower, we specialize in the diagnosis of autism, Autism testing, psychological evaluation, mental health assessment, and developmental disabilities testing. Potential clients can be self-referred or referred by schools, government agencies, doctors, or mental health agencies.

Psychological Services Provided

Located in Central Ohio, the Empower team of psychologists, social workers and psychology assistants can help identify Autism Spectrum Disorders in children ages 16 months to four years of age.

We utilize “state-of-the-art” psychological tests and clinical interviewing techniques for Autism diagnosis, Autism testing, and other psychological evaluations which lead to the best possible recommendations for our clients. We are dedicated to providing evidence-based and ethical evaluations. 

Our reports are clear, concise and designed to provide accurate diagnostic information and effective recommendations. 

The comprehensive psychological evaluations conducted at Empower begin with a clinical interview followed by the administration of various developmental tests, rating scales, parent/caregiver questionnaire, and activity assessments. The clinical interview is designed to obtain a thorough understanding of a client’s background. The additional tests that are administered will depend upon the information gathered from the clinical interview. 

The evaluation may also include interviews with significant others, such as parents, spouses, or teachers, as well as a review of records and relevant documents. The results of the formal, integrated report are provided during a feedback meeting that is dynamic and interactive.  

Steps for Evaluation:

  1. Records Review
  2. Interviewing Parents, Family Members, or other Caregivers
  3. Assessment for Core Features of ASD/ Establish Autism Diagnosis
  4. Communicating diagnostic findings 
  5. Provide referrals for treatment and intervention

Payment for Psychological Services

Given that a psychological evaluation (or Autism diagnosis or Autism testing) includes the administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests, the cost for an evaluation is determined by the number of hours required by the psychologist(s) to complete the full evaluation process.

Insurance companies and Medicaid may pay all, or part of the costs associated with a psychological evaluation. Prior to beginning the evaluation, an Empower billing representative will help determine if your insurance plan covers psychological testing.

We also recommend you contact your insurance company to determine if your particular insurance plan covers psychological evaluation. For further information about our services, please call 614-470-2018.