In-home Autism Services

In-Home Autism Services- Autism ABA therapy, mental health programs, behavior therapy, etc. Our professionals come to you! Now accepting new clients (daytime hours only)!

In-home Autism Services, ABA Therapy

Empower offers in-home and in-community (at school, community center, etc.) autism services in Columbus and Sandusky, Ohio and their surrounding areas for children and young adults. These services include ABA/behavioral therapy, mental health services, waiver programs (using SELF, IO, Level 1 waivers), functional behavior assessments, and more.


Process for Beginning Services

1. Complete Intake Process with Empower

The first step in establishing an in-home or in-community program with Empower is to complete an intake assessment. Call 614-470-2018 or email intake@empowercenters.com to get started. Our staff will lead you through this process and establish which services you would like to explore and the funding options available to you.

2. Establish Mental Health Services

Once the intake is complete we will open a case for your child, assign a Case Manager, and begin the process of getting funding approval (Medicaid, private insurance, Autism Scholarship, County funding, Waiver funding, etc. )

3. Create the Program and Start Treatment Services!

Your Case Manager will then schedule a meeting with you to create a program for services. Next, staff will be assigned and then trained on your child’s specific program. Then services begin! The Case Manager will remain involved and provide ongoing supervision to staff and any necessary revisions to the program.