Autism Scholarship & Other Funding Options

We accept Autism Scholarship, Medicaid, and Private Insurance as payment for services.

Autism Scholarship

The Autism Scholarship Program (“ASP”) allows the Ohio Department of Education to provide a scholarship for a qualified child with autism. The Autism Scholarship gives parents a choice of sending their child to a special education program, other than the one operated by their child’s school district, to receive the services outlined in the child’s Individualized Education Program (“IEP”).

Empower is a registered Autism Scholarship provider and provides IEP-based services in accordance with the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education Autism Scholarship Program.
Parents interested in applying for the Autism Scholarship for their child must first enroll their child at Empower and will receive a scholarship application during the enrollment process.

Our staff will assist parents with all aspects of applying for and receiving the Autism Scholarship. Please note that parents may apply year-round but any applications received on or after April first will not be processed for the current academic year; they will be deferred until the start of the following academic year.

Parents that are interested in using the Autism Scholarship must register their child with their local school district and receive an Individualized Education Program from that district. Then parents may choose to enroll with Empower and use the Autism Scholarship to pay for services. The Autism scholarship award is currently $31,500 per academic year and parents will need to reapply each year.

The Ohio Department of Education has many rules that govern the use of the Autism Scholarship, and Our staff can help parents understand how these rules apply to their specific situation. But here are the most important and most frequently misunderstood rules:

  • Scholarship funds are paid directly to Empower, not to parents
  • Parents may not receive the Autism Scholarship if their child is attending public school
  • The Autism Scholarship may not be used to pay for summer services if the child attends public school during the regular school year
  • Services provided under the Autism Scholarship must follow the student’s Individualized Education Program, but the IEP can be modified by Empower staff and parents by submitting a modification request to the Ohio Department of Education
  • Children are not eligible for the Autism Scholarship until they turn three years old
  • School districts are required by Senate Bill 316 to notify parents of a child with a disability at the time of an evaluation or IEP revision that they may be eligible for the Autism Scholarship

Other Funding Options

We accept all Medicaid managed care plans, including:

  • CareSource
  • United Healthcare
  • Molina
  • Paramount
  • Aetna

We also accept the traditional Medicaid card and most commercial insurance plans. These plans change frequently so please inquire within to see if your plan is accepted.